The Season of Fall

                                          Themes and Experiences from our Fall Season
During the month of October, and now November, we have been really trying to embrace the season of Autumn in all its colors and seasonal glory. From leaf drawing and coloring, to pumpkin carving, and garden harvesting, we have welcomed in the new season. Everyday we embrace the feelings of thankfulness and gratuity for all of the benefits our school family has received. This month there has been new teachers to welcome, new students to guide, parents to welcome, we are a growing family and we are always happy. 

 GAMS has recently celebrated its annual Trunk or Treat event on Friday, Oct 31st, and it was a fantastic event! Parents participated with decorating their car trunks and handing out treats to the children. Parents even dressed up for the occasion! 

We were proud to have had so many parents involved in our Halloween party--it was especially exciting for the children to see their parents all dressed up!
 Just as we spent circle time discussing the colors of the leaves on the trees, we had a creative Wood Fairy representing the Autumn season. She was accompanied by Pooh Bear. :)

                                                 We love lessons in water pouring!
 Lessons are an integral part of the Montessori Method and here is demonstrated the engaged and wonderment of a child at such a simple task, yet an essential practical life skill. 
One of our teacher's made sure to show 'Thomas the Tank Engine' how to pour water from a pitcher.

A Black Cat discussed pumpkin seeds with two students. Pumpkin seeds were pulled from two beautiful orange pumpkins that delighted the children when they were made into Jack-O-Lantern's. 
Every day we are reminded that we need to keep busy strengthening and growing our minds. Children are constantly changing, like the Autumn season; it is our job at GAMS to make sure we cultivate that growth by creating the prepared environment for them. Here is a quote from Maria Montessori which sums up the Fall Season and what we achieve in our classrooms:

"... Does Nature make a difference between work and play or occupation and rest?  Watch the unending activity of the flowing stream or the growing tree.  See the breakers of the ocean, the unceasing movements of the earth, the planets, the sun and the stars.  All creation is life, movement, work.  What about our hearts, our lungs, our bloodstream which work continuously from birth till death?  Have they asked for some rest?  Not even during sleep are they inactive.  What about our mind which works without intermission while we are awake or asleep?" (Dr. Maria Montessori, 'What You Should Know About Your Child', Kalakshetra Publications, 138)