Learning the violin

Violin Lessons 

Violin lessons at GAMS have been specially designed with young children in mind, to move at their own unique pace. Choose from 3 levels of study:

Level I-The Bumble Bee 65.00 per month
(One 30 minute class per week)

This package is ideal for the earliest string players! It is specially designed to introduce music concepts to children in a fun, child-friendly way and will help your child develop a solid foundation in rhythm, intonation, sight reading and other music essentials. *Lesson may be given in a group at times.

Level II-The Caterpillar 80.00 per month

(One 45 minute lesson per week)
This package offers the same benefits as the first
package but is designed for further retention of
musical concepts from week to week and the
development of longer attention span and
strong focus. *Private Only

Level III - The Butterfly 96.00 per month

Highly Recommended!
(Two 30 minute lessons per week)
This package includes all of the elements of the
other two but offers young violinists the best
possible start in learning to play the violin.
With more frequent lessons, students are able to better retain their lesson and avoid the development
of bad habits. *Private Only

If you are interested in your child taking violin lessons, please print or download this packet and return it to the violin teacher:

Violin Lessons Registration Packet

Contact Information:
Marlena Nkene
cell: 678-308-2022