The Greater Atlanta Montessori School welcomes all applications and values the racial, ethnic, and religious diversity of its student body.  Interested parents are welcome to contact the school at any time.  Children are accepted for school year-round.

Please print this form and mail it to GAMS:

An application fee of $100 must accompany each application.

Please make your check payable to:

Greater Atlanta Montessori School, LLC
3351 North.Berkeley Lake Road.Duluth, Georgia, 30096
Telephone#: 770-232-0330
Fax#: 770-232-0378

*The Application fee is non-refundable once the child is accepted.

All applications will be carefully considered. Admission decisions are made by the Director, who considers the needs of both the child and the class. Interviews can be held at any time of the year.
Acceptance notices for admission will be mailed as soon as interviews with prospective parents and students are concluded and all places filled.