About Us

The Greater Atlanta Montessori School

We are an AMI Montessori School in Duluth. Our private Montessori school caters to
 pre-k aged children, to infants 12 months of age! 

We Offer our Students
 "A Complete Montessori Learning Environment"

  • The Greater Atlanta Montessori School is an AMI Montessori school.  At GAMS we have invested most of our proceeds to ensure that the children we teach achieve the highest potential they can under the Montessori Method

  • We use only the highest quality Nienhuis Montessori teaching materials. The Montessori materials are scientifically and artistically designed in a way to enable the child learn from mistakes and successes by themselves.

  • We believe that the child needs the freedom to experiment, to choose and to satisfy his or her own curiosity within the structure and security of a supervised home.

  • We teach with adherence to the principles of Dr. Montessori. Teaching through Montessori developed tasks enables the child, after gaining success, to feel confident and motivated to continue learning throughout his or her life.We believe that children learn best in a well-organized, beautiful and non-threatening environment.

Practical Life Grace and Courtesy
Sensorial WorkReading/Writing
Food and NutritionMathematics
ScienceCaring for Plants and Animals