About Our Director

 "I love teaching children.  I believe teaching at the primary level is a critical responsibility and an especially rewarding one, as primary education is the foundation of one's life."  
- Hannah Gentry. 

The Greater Atlanta Montessori School was begun by Hannah Gentry, a career computer program analyst who, several years ago, decided to redirect her life and to devote all of her time to the one thing she really loved, the care, nurturing, and teaching of pre-school children.

In the classroom
Many of Ms. Gentry's former students have been admitted to some of Atlanta's finest private and Christian schools and are pursuing excellence in all subject areas in their academic careers.

"I have wanted be a Montessori teacher since my own two children, now grown, attended a Montessori school.  The academic success they have enjoyed was grounded in their early years and has convinced me of the effectiveness of a Montessori education."

Ms. Hannah Gentry and her son
at her daughter's graduation from
Johns Hopkins University