Greater Atlanta Montessori School Spring Newsletter: "Fostering Grateful Hearts"

Greater Atlanta Montessori School

Spring Newsletter 


Fostering a Spirit of Gratitude 

It is hard to believe that Spring-time is just around the corner and we are making plans for the Summer Program already. The children have been constant reminders of how quickly time can go by when you see how fast they are growing both physically and academically.

The children are like little flower shoots in our garden, they just grow, grow, grow!

We are very thankful for our committed staff and parents that make our school family grow. From our Christmas party to our recent Valentine Event, we have seen true support and encouragement from our families, we are very grateful for that.

As we move towards the beautiful weather that is ahead of us and towards the last day of school in May, we are striving towards a spirit of gratitude for all that GAMS has been blessed with this school year.


Valentine's Day Party!


Enjoying our Tea and Valentine Cookies
Having a Dance Party!

Mr. Jason Koornick leads a fun performance!
Daddy-Daughter Dace!

These two cuties stole the show!


Pre-Primary Class News

We have had a great start to this 2015 year. We cannot believe that it is already March! Spring is around the corner!

    This week, March 9-13th we focused on days of the week. We talked about shapes and how things fit together.

   On St. Patrick’s Day, we plan on learning about objects and things that are the color green.  In preparation for the day, the children had fun creating shapes with green goo (a slimy form of play dough, which is non-toxic). It is a wonderful educational and fun science project for children.

On Friday, Preprimary class will be making our own Green Goo:
          ¼ c. water
          ¼ c, liquid glue
          ¼ c. liquid starch
          1-2 drops green food coloring

Try this project at home with your child and enjoy your time together making shapes and objects!
~Miss Diana and Miss Sandy


Springing Out of Winter

Your children have been working so hard all year, and we have been so excited to see their progress and subsequently their joy in themselves.
This 2015 school year the children started off with revisiting all their knowledge and work from 2014, and they succeeded on every test and work with flying colors.
The Pre-primary class visited your children for the first part of the year, and it was beautiful to see the guidance, nurture and care they were able to give to the toddlers. With the snow all around us, we are learning about snowflakes and the unique qualities of every one as well as looking forward to what comes after the snow: Spring! We are introducing names of baby animals, exploring birds and the parts of a bird, as well as mixing the primary colors to make all kinds of beautiful colors that will show up in the flowers they are learning about.
We hoped you enjoyed all the love and peace your children brought for Valentine’s Day as much as we did. It was a pleasure seeing them so interested in arranging special flower bouquets for their families, as well as seeing them love to sing the peace and love song every morning. Just like the flowers that are ready to bloom out of this wintry weather and the birds that are ready to sing, your children are blooming and ready for new knowledge. Their desire to learn never ceases to amaze us.
Thank you for sharing your children with us.

Peace and Love!
Peace is the World Smiling (song with hand motions)
Peace is the world smiling.
Peace is a gentle touch.
Peace is sharing. Peace is caring. Peace is filling the world with love.
                                                ~Miss Elizabeth


Travelling out of town? Or Staying here and Working?
GAMS will be offering Child Care for April 6-10th! Please contact The Office 770.232.0330 For Details!